Digital dispatch

From now on digital dispatch of policies and invoices.

Hienfeld offers insurance brokers and intermediairy the opportunity to receive digital policies and invoices in your digital mailbox.

If you arrange the shipment to your customer yourself, you will receive the original policy with attachments (such as wordings). These documents will then no longer be sent by physical mail. You can send this digitally to your customer. You will then also have an original for your own digital archive.

If Hienfeld takes care of sending the original documents to the customer, you will receive a digital copy that is identical to the original. You can process this in your own digital archive or customer portal.

How do you know if digital dispatch is for you?

Hienfeld uses Solera's TIME mailbox system (via an EMS number). This is a proven platform for the secure exchange of documents and messages between insurers and advisors.

If your software package already processes the digital mailbox, the messages from Hienfeld will automatically go along. This does not require any extra effort.

If your software package does not process digital messages from the TIME mailbox, you will receive an email notification from Solera when messages are ready. You can easily retrieve this from the digital mailbox.

If you already have an appointment at Hienfeld and an EMS number and would like to receive the policies digitally, please contact

Gerda Beijer
020 5 469 405

Do you not yet have a digital mailbox or have you forgotten your login details?

Please contact Solera via or on working days by telephone 088-600 64 00 option 3.